Window Mode Patch for Game

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It is a patch program that allows you to set the size of the game screen and to forcibly activate the game in window mode.
You can also decide the screen resolution at full screen freely. And you can also avoid problems by keeping the aspect ratio
of the game screen automatically by inserting letter boxes or pirror boxes even for games where the screen is stretched by wide liquid crystal etc.
There are effects such as running old game and enlarging the game window on PC with large screen resolution being used for easy viewing.

It aims to make games that run small size such as VGA, adventure game engine with no letterbox function, supplements letterbox function at full screen.
It also aims to make it work in window mode for games that run only in full screen mode.

Applications that can patch can be "all game applications without resolution change function".
It does not depend on a specific game application or specific game system, it works generically.
Therefore, there are game applications that work or do not work when patched.

Operating environment

It works on Windows 7/8/10 x86. It doesn't work on Windows9x and Windows2000/XP/Vista.
(If Version 0.67 Alpha or earlier, it works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 x86.)
It works on Windows 7/8/10 x64 if the program which will be patched runs on x86.(It doesn't work if the program which runs only on x64.)
In order to execute, the environment in which the target game can operate is necessary. If it is not possible to operate the game, it will not work even if you apply the patch.


This program is Alpha version (experimental stage).
Depending on the game, it may not work (it may be an execution error), so please only those with an understanding.
And Please do not make inquiries to the author or manufacturer of the game for troubles caused by applying this patch.

About forced window mode

In Version 0.12 Alpha and later, it is possible to forcibly invalidate full screen processing temporarily.
Since you can set it from the setting program with the item of forced window mode, use it.
But you should not use this mode for the game which is able to change screen mode or run window mode.

Change log

Please look at this text for update history.

Download latest version

Window Mode Patch for Game (Version 0.71 Alpha) [2019/05/24 updated] 1.14MB

Download older version

Window Mode Patch for Game (Version 0.70 Alpha) [2017/09/04 updated] 1046kB
Window Mode Patch for Game (Version 0.65 Alpha) [2016/01/07 updated] 986kB

BBS for support program

BBS for support program
In addition to support information, please also check this BBS on operation confirmation information, operation request and so on.
You can also write information on games that did not work here.

blog(Daily thoughts of the programmer)

WindowModePatch update information is introduced.
Other topics such as programs and mathematics are introduced.
(But most of article are written in Japanese, so it is good to read through translation site etc..)

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